Ethically Achieving Reliable Returns from London Residential Property

Ed Fowkes is a long time landlord and successful London investor and developer.

As a passionate Property Developer, Investor, Landlord and Mentor, Ed is dedicated to helping both clients and joint venture partners get great and reliable returns on their investments in the London residential property market.

Demand for housing in London outweighs supply year on year, making it the most secure location to buy property in the UK and arguably the world. Ed uses his network and experience, with specialist local and industry knowledge, to operate London property. Ultimately this results in:

• Investment in growth areas

• Rents that are well above average

• Secure business models

• Excellent returns

Ed’s main focus is Development, and as Managing Partner of Prosperity Capital Partners with Gavin Barry and Fraser Macdonald, Ed enjoys taking advantage of opportunities arising in prime areas of London and across the UK to create superior returns for High Net Worth Individuals and Sophisticated Investor Partners.

In 2013 Ed started Steady Rent Limited, a Social Enterprise come Letting Agency working with charities, helping them to generate income to provide Social Care by securing accommodation for Service Users.

Ed enjoys speaking across the country to assist others with their property education and choices. Ed has also appeared on television as an expert on various topics and strategies.

Born and bred in East London, Ed has been investing in property since 1993 and developing since 2002. He is Founder and Host of the Canary Wharf Pin.

In a previous life, Ed has been a builder, an interior architect, a furniture designer and a fine artist.

Ed loves great architecture, music, food and spending time with his family.

Ed is a consummate professional and his experience in finance and the Real Estate industry is truly specialist. I have dealt with Ed for many years as both a purchaser and a vendor and he is a man who keeps to his word. I have also received glowing references from tenants who have highly respected his actions as a landlord. It is always a pleasure to do business with such a professional.

– D. Blow, Partner at Keatons


Ed understands that working with others brings strength. He likes to build relationships for the long term, working with aligned benefits. Ed leverages both his experience, knowledge and network to unearth high yielding, low risk, London based opportunities in order to grow the wealth of those he works with.

Ed continuously raises funds from private investors, either on a profit and risk share, or on a fixed return basis. Over the years this has enabled Ed to take advantage of bigger and better projects than he would be able to do alone.

Due to a desire for long term relationships with matched growth, Ed is careful to work with the right people, developing an understanding of clients and their intentions. Part of this understanding is complying with FCA regulations FS13/3, and Ed only undertakes Joint Ventures with correctly certified Sophisticated Investors and High Net Worth Individuals.

Ed is hard working, ethical and very knowledgeable in his market. I highly recommend him.

– S. Zutshi, Birmingham

Sourcing and Management

Due to the good systems Ed has in place for his own and his partners portfolios, Ed is able to provide an efficient Property Sourcing and Management Service for particular high cash-flowing property types.

The service provided includes sourcing and negotiating the purchase, guiding through the purchase process, letting the property, and management for the first two years. A very comprehensive service, it enables a very ‘Armchair’ experience for the investor with little time to spare.

If you would like to know more about Joint Ventures or Sourcing and Management, and how you can grow your wealth with Ed, please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ tab in the main menu.

Ed assisted in structuring and helping to close a BMV deal from the very beginning throughout the transaction period and then at the final closing stages that we were both involved in, he also ensured that the deal worked well for all parties involved in an ethical manner.

– T. Ogunniyi, Grays



Ed speaks at Pin meetings and Property Events across London and the South on a variety of property related subjects including:

• 6 Steps to Building a Property Business

Landlord 101 – Landlord’s Obligations

Sourcing and Packaging the professional way.

Ethical Cashflow – Property as a Social Enterprise

Click the link to hear Ed speaking at …….


Upcoming dates and locations:

Landlord 101 was a timely reminder of the long list of things every good investor should know … the things you should definitely avoid as they'll bring nothing but trouble … Ed explained the rationale simply and concisely to get the points across … most in the room were furiously writing notes

– B. Wales, Southampton.


Most recently, Ed has been chosen by Your Property Network Magazine for a case study in their July 2014 issue, highlighting the varied opportunities available in London. […]

Ed’s talk on Landlord’s Obligations has been published in Your Property Network magazine over a six month period and recorded live for archive. Landlord’s Obligations was identified by Rightmove as such a valuable piece of writing, it was published in the Rightmove Blog. The complete and detailed version is available for download as an e-book for £40. […]

Ed has appeared several times on Property Search TV on their ‘Ask the Expert’ section, answering viewers’ questions on subjects as diverse as Tenant Disputes, Marketing Properties and Buying at Auction. […] […]

Ed has been interviewed and been a guest in the studio for Property Search TV, Episodes 4 and 11. […] […]

Canary Wharf Pin

Passionate about property, network and giving something back, Ed launched the Canary Wharf pin in 2012 and it soon become known as the hotbed of London property and the place where business is done.


Part of Simon Zutshi’s Property Investors Network, Canary Wharf pin is one of the largest property meetings in the United Kingdom with over 100 investors and industry professionals attending each month.

It is a place to learn, share and mix with like-minded individuals who see the benefits that property has to give. There are two different speakers every month who come to share strategies with the room.

• Each month we focus on two specific topics relevant to property investors

• Our guest speakers are some of the top experts in their respective fields

• Pin does not sell property at their events

It does not matter how much experience or property you have or don’t have. Everyone is welcome. There is a small admission fee to come along, however I should like to invite you to come and try our meeting as my guest, so if it is your first time enter the voucher code ‘CANARY’ on the booking page for Canary Wharf pin.

The Canary Wharf pin is held on the first Thursday every month, apart from August and December when Ed hosts a meal to create a more social environment and promote life balance.

If it is that time of year, follow the link to find the London Pin Meal page to choose your menu and pay for the meal.

I have worked with Ed in a number of different environments. Ed is always service minded and is really looking after people. He has a way of noticing everybody and making sure you feel welcome and comfortable around him. He is professional and focused at what he does and last but not least a great host for the Canary Wharf pin

– M. Frank, London

Steady Rent

Steady Rent is a social enterprise committed to generating funds for women’s support charities – in particular supporting victims of domestic violence.

Steady Rent Logo

Steady Rent offers landlords the chance to collect market rate for their properties while making the properties work for the greater good. Steady Rent was formed in 2013 and it is already generating significant funds for social care charities. With your help, it can grow and do more.

If you would like to know how you as an investor or landlord can benefit yourself and others by using the service Steady Rent provides, please get in touch using the Contact Form at the bottom.

We are always looking to grow relationships with local councils and with charities working in the support sector. If you feel we might work together, please send us a message through the Contact Form at the bottom.

I was a tenant in one of Ed's properties for nearly two years. During that time he was friendly, honest, personable and helpful. He has integrity, is flexible and has a good mind for lateral problem solving. It was easy to be his tenant and interacting with him was always a positive experience. He has my endorsement as a landlord.

– H. Marsden, London

Mentor and Coaching Service

Manysuccessful individuals use mentors and coaches to speed their journey to wealth and success. Examples include Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Serena Williams, Tiger Woods, Kevin Green, Simon Zutshi and even the world’s no.1 coach Tony Robbins. The key ingredients for success are Knowledge, Action and Persistence and a mentor/coach contributes to all three.

Property Investment is a business and should be planned like any other business venture. A good mentor will guide you, answering your questions and helping you to avoid many costly pitfalls. They will provide support, hold you to account and keep you focused on the goal. Whether you are just starting out in property, scaling your business or restructuring your entire portfolio, a mentor will help you save time and money by making sure your route to success is efficient.

The London property market is strong and now is a great time to be taking action. Ed has helped many Investors compress time as they achieve success in property specialising in strategies that work in London. These include HMOs, Rent to Rent, LHA, Refurbishment Flips, Sourcing and Packaging Deals and Fund Raising.

If you would like to know more please get in touch using the ‘Contact’ tab in the main menu.

Ed has acted as my property mentor for the past 9 months and has been great at getting and keeping me focussed, sharing knowledge (of which he has a lot), and motivating me when things I have tried to do have not worked. All of this is done with great integrity, as to what the right and proper way of doing things is in the property industry.

– M. Patterson, London



This page is a small treat for those wishing to invest in London and wanting to know what strategies work in London today.

For those with time on their hands and a willingness to learn the process for themselves, here is an example of a typical investment that you can emulate right now in the current market. This is typical of what Ed sources for his clients, and the type of deal he invests in himself. The figures shown are current at the time of writing, so you can be sure it works. The market is moving up, so act fast as these deals will not stack as well if you wait.

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